11 Year Old Girl had Miniature Ant Colony Inside of Her Head

A red ant biting human skin

Fair warning, the content of this article is pretty gross and unsettling. If you’ve got a queasy stomach, don’t read on past this paragraph, just know that if you have an infestation you should give us a call for an ant exterminator immediately because believe it or not, even ants can be detrimental for your physical health.


Back in March, the Daily Mail featured a story about an 11 year old girl from a small village in India named Ashwini. For several days, Ashwini had been complaining saying that she felt like she had something in her eyes.


Those things that she felt in her eyes? Ants. At least 60 ants, according to the doctors at the hospital Ashwini was taken to. The doctors could not for sure confirm how exactly the ants had gotten inside of her eyes, but as unlikely as it is in any normal day to day situation, it is speculated that the ants entered her head through the ear and set up a miniature colony in her head.


While after several days, all of the ants died off and the doctors were able to remove them from her eyes, Ashwini still had to deal with inflammation, pain, and irritation from the incident. She also had to deal with dead ants coming out of her eyes for at least ten days following her visit to the doctor.


While most ant colonies positioned next to a house do not result in anything nearly as horrifying as what happened to Ashwini, if there’s ants nearby where you sleep, there’s always a one in a billion chance that something like this could happen. If you are dealing with an ant infestation, give us a call immediately at (513) 267-1264 for extermination services.


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