3 Myths to Dispel Before Termite Season

While the Southwest Ohio area still hasn’t quite thawed out for spring, once it gets a little warmer termite season will be fully upon us. If you live in or near Cincinnati this might be a big deal for you, especially since Cincinnati placed #14 on Terminix’s list of 25 US cities with the most termite infestations.

Since knowledge is power, this article is going to be dedicated to informing you about termites – or to be more specific, dispelling some common myths that you may have heard about these terrible wood destroying insects.

One of the most common myths that people buy into is that if you live in a wooded area your house will be fine and termites will have no reason to target your home. This myth is terrible for two reasons:

  • Termites mainly eat dead wood. Unless you have dying trees in your backyard, the trees around your house either won’t matter anyway and nearby termites will just go straight for the dead wood in your home.
  • Once the termites are done eating the dead wood around your home, where do you think they will go next?

Now that we have covered that, let’s deal with the next myth: “my house is safe because it is brick on concrete slab”. This still does not make your house safe. Most houses like this still have a wooden frame, and although the brick and concrete can make it a little more difficult and less rewarding for the termites trying to get their food, it will not fully stop them, and you may even be worse off because you may not be able to notice the damage right away.

Finally, don’t leave the task of termite extermination to yourself. If you think that you can deal with a termite infestation on your own with only consumer grade products and intuition, you are fooling yourself, while also putting your home in costly danger. Hiring a pest control professional like us will save you much more money in the long run than just rolling the dice by doing it on your own.

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