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How Dangerous are Cockroaches?

Cockroach in a mug

Everyone knows that cockroaches are gross and it is common knowledge that cockroaches are some of the most survivable insects around, even if they can’t actually survive a direct nuclear explosion like is often said. However; often times…

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Why Our Extermination Services are More Affordable than the Big Guys

Exterminator next to a van

At Empire Termite and Pest Control, we prove that we are the best choice for pest control services in the Southwest Ohio area through the quality of our services and most importantly through our excellent customer service. Here…

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How to Tell the Difference between Termite Swarmers and Flying Ants

When you think of termites, you probably think of the pale, subterranean worker termites or perhaps even the slightly less pale subterranean soldier termites with their large mandibles. However, spring and summer bring about a different kind of…

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3 Myths to Dispel Before Termite Season

While the Southwest Ohio area still hasn’t quite thawed out for spring, once it gets a little warmer termite season will be fully upon us. If you live in or near Cincinnati this might be a big deal…

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11 Year Old Girl had Miniature Ant Colony Inside of Her Head

A red ant biting human skin

Fair warning, the content of this article is pretty gross and unsettling. If you’ve got a queasy stomach, don’t read on past this paragraph, just know that if you have an infestation you should give us a call…

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3 Tips to Stop Cockroaches from Entering Your House

Close up Cockroach on white a bowl

Cockroaches are disgusting, creepy, and gross little pests that no sane individual wants to share as a free-roaming housemate. While it is true that cockroaches can survive the radiation levels emitted by the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” which…

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How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

A Bed Bug on a wall

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures, and they are some of the most difficult pests a person can try to get rid of. But if you wake up one day to find that you have what looks like…

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New Website!

We’ve just redesigned our new website and blog! Here at Empire Termite & Pest Control, we offer discreet and confidential extermination services in the Southwest Ohio area. Our service area includes pest control from Cincinnati through Dayton and…

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