Tell Tale Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug on an arm

Although it may be something of a surprise to learn, a bed bug infestation can prove difficult for some people to pick up on.


It’s not that checking for bed bugs is a difficult task in itself, it’s actually quite easy to check for bed bugs but you have to know how to look for them first. So, if you suspect you might have bed bugs but aren’t certain, here are a few indicators you should be on the lookout for.


The most obvious sign of having bed bugs is bed bug bites. Although the size of the bed bug bites and how they look varies from person to person, bed bug bites typically leave a red, rashy looking welt on a person’s skin.  

bed bug bite marks

Unfortunately, according to US Environmental Protection Agency, bed bug bites themselves are often not a strong enough indicator to alert people to the presence of bedbugs. This is because people often dismiss bed bug bites as either rashes or the bites of other insects like mosquitoes, ticks or chiggers, and some people don’t show any signs of bite marks at all after bitten.


In case you happen to be someone who doesn’t react visibly to bed bug bites, or if you initially mistake bed bug bites as belonging to other insects, there are a few other signs that are much harder to miss if you’re dealing with bed bugs.


So long as you don’t find a bed bug infestation that only has nymphs, you should be able to find cast off bed bug shells somewhere in a bed bug infested room. Bed bugs molt five times before reaching maturity, with a blood meal between each molt. If the bed bugs have fed at all in a room you are staying in, you’ll probably be able to find molted bed bug shells somewhere near bedding or furniture.

Bed bug on wood

Another tell tale sign of bed bugs are the stains that accompany them. Whether blood or fecal matter, bed bugs often leave a copious amount of stains in their wake. Blood stains can often be found on bedding or furniture cushions after a blood meal.


Even without blood stains, a person may be able to find bed bug fecal matter around a room containing an infestation. Bed bug fecal stains resemble brown or black smears. You may also be able to smell bed bugs because of this if an infestation 


Of course, if you aren’t able to find any of these signs and you’re still worried, you can look for bed bugs straight at the sources. Checking under mattress, behind headboards, loose wallpaper, and furniture crevices right away will normally tell you whether or not you have bed bugs.If you do find bed bugs, don’t try to handle them yourself. Bed bugs are rapid breeders, and the can lay their eggs anywhere that there is a crevice near an infested bed or other furniture, meaning that even if you manage to get rid of all of the adult bed bugs you may still leave some eggs behind. Call Empire Termite & Pest Control for professional bed bug extermination services in Cincinnati at 513-267-1264!

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