Why Our Extermination Services are More Affordable than the Big Guys

Exterminator next to a van

At Empire Termite and Pest Control, we prove that we are the best choice for pest control services in the Southwest Ohio area through the quality of our services and most importantly through our excellent customer service. Here are three services that we provide to our clients that put us a step above the giants in the extermination industry, while also making us the more affordable local option.

 1. No Branding Cost Transfer

Many of the larger pest control companies throw their product logos and branding on every single piece of equipment that they use, all the way down to the smallest of insect traps. Branding costs add up when measured in bulk, and big companies will inevitably make up for these costs by tacking on extra costs to their clients.

At Empire Termite and Pest Control, we do not put any company branding on our pest control tools or traps. We do not have any marketing costs to push onto our customers, which makes us a more affordable option than the big guys for people needing pest control services.

 2. Flexible Scheduling

At Empire Termite and Pest Control, we like being flexible and adaptable, and this philosophy carries over into the scheduling of our appointments and routine planning.

woman signing pest control worker's documents

We provide on-call service for people needing immediate extermination services, and we do not require long term contracts from our clients. However, we are fully capable of providing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service plans as requested.  


 3. Discreet Services

For a lot of our clients, the discreteness of our service vehicles is a key selling point. Having an heavily embroidered Orkin van roll into your driveway can be a bit embarrassing, but when you schedule an appointment with Empire Termite & Pest Control, our unmarked service vehicles allow us to work in your place of business or home without drawing the attention that a heavily-decalled exterminator’s truck or van would.


If you need discreet and affordable extermination services with flexible scheduling, you can’t count on the big pest control companies like Orkin or Terminix, but you can count on Empire Termite & Pest Control if you live anywhere in the Southwest Ohio area.


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